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COMP5047 Pervasive Computing - Semester 2, 2017

Welcome to the Pervasive Computing course for 2017.
Formal Course Outline
The formal unit of study outline and important information about relevant University policies on academic honesty, assessment, special arrangements is the link:
CUSP - Course and Unit of Study description and course outline. (Click the link then "Download UoS Outline".)
Teaching Staff
Associate Professor Bob Kummerfeld (bob.kummerfeld at

Professor Judy Kay (Judy.Kay at

Class Times and Places
Lectures and Lab:
Wednesday 3pm - 4pm Business School ABS 3003
Wednesday 4pm - 6pm Business School ABS 2100


Please mail for an appointment.

Schedule (may change)
Wk Reading Lecture Practical
1 Weiser (1991)
The Computer for the 21st Century
Overview and Introduction Project introduction. Group formation.
2 The Internet of Things Introduction to Arduino
3 The Internet of Things: technology More arduino programming.
4 The Internet of Things: communications technologies More arduino programming. Introduction to Wio IoT platform.
5 The Internet of Things: architecture IoT platforms: Wio, AWS,...
6 IoT in the cloud
7 Mid-semester quiz
8 IoT Security
  Semester Break  
10 Project update, midsemester quiz, project report format
13 Project Presentations
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